BELLE properties

Here at BELLE we understand that in life we have different requirements for different reasons, that is why BELLE decorating offers a decorating solution for all your needs. We appreciate that your rental properties or commercial buildings do not necessarily require the same level of detail to the finish that you would want for your own home, and to help with your budgeting we offer BELLE properties. You can still be confident of a professional finish but without the little extras we help you by keeping the price lower. Think of it as taking your car to the car wash, you want a clean car, but you don’t necessary always require your wheels to be polished, or body work waxed. Or staying in a hotel, we all would love to stay in the best room available, but budgets don’t allow, however we still expect a great experience.

BELLE properties offers you the opportunity to get your property professionally decorated, with the care you would expect from BELLE but we remove the extras that BELLE decorating offers as standard (examples of which include using a dustless sanding system, sanding walls before and between coats, uniformed decorators, decorating project being completed by the owner of BELLE decorating). Of course your individual requirement can be discussed during the quote and both prior and during BELLE properties decorating your property.